Secure payment, With SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. The SSL is the most common way for entering into the secure electronic transactions over the internet. SSL is a standard protocol that uses a public key encryption technology so that there is a secure service develops between the internet servers. The integrity and authentication of the messages as well as the legitimacy of sender/receiver are hereby guaranteed. The communication between the Web server and the client is then encrypted. If you are on a secure site, the URL begins with <https://./h3>

Pay with a check has become old-fashioned. Internet banking and other ways to pay online are replaced. Am thinking of iDeal and PayPal that allows you to Power water sports can checkout <./h4>

What is iDEAL?

ideal is a payment method, keeping your purchase in a shop gets even through your own bank.

If you buy something through an online store, then you choose ' at checkout ' your own bank. You then automatically ends up on the login screen of the Internet banking environment of your own bank or of the mobile banking app from your bank if you buy something through your tabletor smartphone. This last is (still) not at all banks. 

If you are logged in you the payment only to be confirmed, the purchase price and the account number are

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a popular means to pay online. Other than iDeal offers PayPal purchase protection. PayPal is in that respect as a method of payment compare to

Do you have a product that you have not received paid with PayPal, PayPal sure you get your money back. Also if the product becomes damaged during shipping or if the product is not as described, you can recover your money via PayPal. You do have a claim itself first.

What is cash on delivery?

At Power water sports you can choose ' pay cash on delivery. This means that you pay at the door to the delivery of your order. You pay cash at our delivery service GLS or via a payment terminal with your debit card at the door. The cost for a payment by cash on delivery are 17 euro.

The advantage of this method of payment is that you are sure youthe order is received, you pay only if you have package.