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Yamaha ignition coil for your outboard buy

Ignition coil or coil of a Yamaha outboard motor mount the current with a low voltage (12V) of the battery in the boat over in high voltage from 20 to 20 000 volts. This high voltage is needed to create the spark for the explosion process in the engine of a petrol Yamaha outboard. The high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plugs by the flow divider and divided. Older outboard motors have one ignition coil that in case of a breakdown, will ensure that the outboard motor can no longer start. Modern Yamaha outboard motors, however, have multiple ignition coils which in case of defect can lead to power loss what you especially will notice if you sail. A problem with the ignition coil can also lead to increased emissions. Even if the Yamaha no longer wants to start, it could be that the ignition coil is. At you will find a wide range of top brands at the lowest prices. ignition coils