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Yamaha Ignition Coil - The Key to Reliable Ignition

Recognizing a Defective Ignition Coil

A properly functioning ignition coil is essential for the performance of your Yamaha outboard motor. A defective ignition coil can lead to irregular engine operation, power loss, or in the worst case, an engine that does not start at all. Some symptoms of a defective ignition coil may include: difficulty starting the engine, irregular ignition, reduced acceleration, and increased fuel consumption.

Measuring an Ignition Coil

Technically measuring an ignition coil can help you determine whether it is functioning properly. This can be done with a multimeter. By measuring the resistance between the primary and secondary coils of the ignition coil, you can determine whether it falls within the manufacturer's specifications. An ignition coil that falls outside these specifications may need to be replaced.

Replacing an Ignition Coil

Replacing an ignition coil on your Yamaha outboard motor is a task you can perform yourself with the right tools and instructions. First, the old ignition coil must be disconnected and removed. Then, the new ignition coil can be installed and connected. It is important to check that the engine is running correctly after installation.

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