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Yahama spark plug for your outboard buy

Yamaha outboard motors are equipped with a number of spark plugs. These spark plugs ensure that into the cylinder of the outboard motor inflammation takes place, making the engine can start the spins. At the inflammation creates an electrical spark, that the gas-air mixture in the ignition Chamber detonates. The electricity that is needed is supplied from ignition coil and is then via the screw thread at the bottom of the spark plug to the Cup. To the central part of the spark plug is an insulator of porcelain, which can withstand high temperatures.

When a spark plug replacement?

Spark plugs of the Yamaha outboard motor wear out over time. These can be soiled or even break off. Also the electrode in the spark plug Burns by using a piece of off, causing the electrode distance too large can be. How long spark plugs go exactly, depends on several factors. So the frequency with which you play your Yamaha outboard motor uses a role, but the life also depends on the kind of spark plug that into your engine is. On average, it takes spark plugs as ´ n 2 or 3 seasons. Anything longer is often still, but replace spark plugs prefer too early than too late. Spark plugs that no longer work properly can ensure that the outboard motor more difficult start or worse. This may damage and the Yamaha outboard in addition more fuelconsume to continue to perform. Ultimately, this will incur additional charges, while new spark plugs buy any large investment. When you check the State of a spark plug goes, is the first check to see if the spark plug there still look right. A little dirt is not very, but strong attack or dirt can be problematic. Then it's probably time to buy a new spark plug. Also check that the electrode distance is still good. This is achieved by using a feeler gauge. How big the electrode distance should be exactly, is by type of spark plug and per type of car different. In the owner's Manual of your car you can read what your vehicle, the ideal distance is.

How to replace a spark plug on the Yamaha outboard?

When the spark plugs in your Yamaha outboard motor to be replaced, you can enter new spark plugs mount or at a professional. Go itself the spark plugs replaced, then the best way to do this with a special plug wrench. A few things are important to watch out for. For removing the spark plug clean the area around the spark plugs. Otherwise, there is the chance that while changing dirt in the engine. New spark plugs must not be mounted in a warm outboard motor, but is removing the old spark plugs better when the engine is warm. This has to do with the expand and contract of the material. In any case, always make sure that the engine is enoughcooled down to. It is also advisable to look good which spark plug cable where does, before you delete multiple ignition wires. These are again exactly the same way to be connected.

Spark plugs buy online at

Spark plugs come in many shapes and sizes and it is essential that you spark plugs singles that are appropriate for your outboard motor. What spark plugs you can buy, you can read in the manual of the Yamaha outboard engine. If you are going to buy spark plugs online at, you can also use the menu on our website find out what type of spark plug in to your outboard motor. To do this, select the make and model Yamaha that in your possession. Do you have the correct spark plugs found online? You can order these in a few simple steps.