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F2.5 AMH | MLH | MSH | MHA (all) (2003 +)

Number: Order number: Yamaha OEM: Description:
1 PAT15-04010202 6H1-14485-00 Pipe, water
2 PAF 2.6-04010100 E1311-69-00-1 Carter
3 PAF15-07050004 69 m-E5363-00 Plug Oil
4 31-025 PAJASO F404 93210-24M79 O-ring
5 PAF 2.6-04010102 69 m-15361-00 Gauge level
6 PAF 2.6-04000008 69 m-G2743-00 Bracket, damper
7 PAF 2.6-04000009 6G8-44352-00 Rubber block damper
10 PAF 2.6-04010001 93102-20108 Oil seal
11 PAF 2.6-04000004 69 m-11351-A0 Crankcase Gasket
14 PAF 2.6-04050100 E3102-69-00 Gear unit assy
15 PAF15-00000013 93604-12M07 PIN
17 PAF4-04000006 90201-08818-00 Ring
18 PAF4-04000001 90105-08M76 Bolt, discharging oil
20 PAF 2.6-04060002 93210-09004 Oil seal
21 PAF4-04060002 93210-35537 O-ring
22 PAF 2.6-04060001 69 m-E5396-00 Shell, Oil Seal
23 PAGB/T5783-2000 90465-08M99 Bolt
25 PAGB/T5783-2000 97013-06045 Bolt
26 PAF 2.6-04050001 69 m-E5111-00-1S Carter Cover

The above engine parts fit the following Yamaha outboard models:

Yamaha F 2.5 AMH-MLH-MSH-MHA (all) (2003 +)