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Before searching for Yamaha outboard motor parts, it is important to determine the type and year of manufacture of the Yamaha outboard motor. On the left bracket half of the motor, there is a motor identification plate, which can be a sticker or a printed aluminum plate. This plate contains the model code, shaft length (S-L-UL), and the 6 or 7-digit serial number.

Until the year 2005, the number is included in the model number of the Yamaha outboard motor.

For example, in the model number "SX150TLRY1," the letter "Z" represents the year 2000.

To determine the year of manufacture of your Yamaha outboard motor, please refer to the serial number and the model. If you have a specific serial number or are unsure about the year of manufacture, it is recommended to contact an authorized Yamaha dealer or Yamaha customer service for accurate information about the specific year of your motor.