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Buy outboard motor impeller

A impeller is very important and indispensable part to your outboard motor. The impeller is in the water pump of the outboard motor. It has an important function for cooling in the tail piece. The cooling water system must function properly, otherwise the outboard motor too hot.

The impeller is a fast abrasive product. Our advice is to replace this with some regularity. Also it is wise to to board a spare impeller. This so you can replace it with problems on the go.

Replace impeller

It's not that hard to replace an impeller. Turn first of all the cooling water tap. Then turn the bolts of the pump casing cover something loose. If you have turned something loose, turn them out.

The impeller can out now using 2 screwdrivers (remember the direction of rotation of the impeller). Remove the old gasket with a knife and check the cover for wear. Now mount the new impeller and gasket. Tighten the bolts loose. That way you can put the lid on the good place. After the lid on the good place you can buy the bolts firmly tightening. That's it. The cooling water faucet can open again.