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The Diversity of Throttle Levers

Throttle levers come in many shapes and sizes, but which one is the best fit for your boat? Explore the different types:

  • Deck-mounted throttle lever for boats: This type is mounted on the control console and consists of one or two levers.
  • Side-mounted throttle lever for boats: This one is often mounted on the side of the control console or on the cabin wall. This type is particularly prevalent in sailboats.
  • Throttle lever with trim for boats: Equipped with a trim button on the throttle lever to prevent the lever from moving due to engine vibrations. Its operation is slightly different: When switching to forward, reverse, or neutral position, you press the button.

At Power Watersport, you will find these types of throttle levers and more. To connect a throttle lever to your boat, you will also need shift and throttle cables, which you can also find in our online shop.

Remotely controlling your outboard motor: Throttle levers and more

What do you need to remotely control your outboard motor (or inboard motor)?

  • Steering wheel: Makes steering the boat easier and gives you more freedom of movement. At Power Watersport, you can buy individual steering wheels, but we also have complete steering systems including cables and other mounting accessories.
  • Steering cables: They establish the connection between the motor and the steering wheel. As they are prone to rust, they need to be replaced regularly.
  • Shift and throttle cables: They are needed to establish the connection between the motor and the throttle lever. These too need to be replaced regularly.
  • Throttle levers: To remotely apply throttle, you need a throttle lever. At Power Watersport, we have deck-mounted and side-mounted throttle levers with and without trim, and in various price ranges.

Power Watersport: Enjoy life on the water without a care

We want you to be able to enjoy life on the water to the fullest and without worries. Therefore, we offer a complete range of watersport items that will equip your boat with everything it needs: From deck equipment to boat furniture. And for remotely controlling the outboard motor, you will find all parts with us. Most items are in stock and will be delivered to your home within two working days.

How to measure correctly in the boat

Throttle lever and/or shift cable for Honda outboard motor
Length calculation of the cable with the formula A+B+C

  • A: Measure from the center of the throttle lever to the mirror of the boat, speedboat, cruiser, yacht, sloop, etc.
  • B: Measure from the side of the boat to the Honda outboard motor.
  • C: Add an extra 50 cm for friction (for the back and forth steering of the Honda outboard motor).