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Boiler for the boat

Finally nice hot showering with our water heaters. All boiler tanks are made of high quality aluminum and stainless steel (corrosion resistant) enclosure. The water can heat to a temperature of 75 degrees, so a comfort that is not to be missed on your boat, ship or yacht!

Registered installer drinking water on boat

Do you have any experience with installing, don't worry! We have a partnership with registered installer with specialism in Legionella.

Clean drinking water?

You fill your water tank with clean drinking water. Clean, but not sterile. That means that there is always some bacteria will sit in. In itself is not harmful, but under certain circumstances they can multiply, creating a health risk. Of all the Legionella bacteria bacteria is the one we're most in need to keep an eye on, because Legionella in clean drinking water, and because the disease he causes can be deadly. In addition, the situation on board, with a water tank in which water often only time stands still, an additional risk on. Moreover, are measures that you take to prevent Legionella also sufficient for any other micro-organisms.

The reality

An infection with Legionella you walk on by inhalation, not through consumption (provided that you do not choke on). If water is sprayed (Aerosol) can minuscULE water drops deep into the lungs. There, the bacteria in the body. The shower is therefore most at risk, but also at other points it is possible to have an infection. The Legionella bacteria causes legionnaire's disease, also known as Legionnaires ' disease. According to the Hiswa there are people on board vessels (recreational boating) infected with Legionella, exact figures are not known.


Although there are just a few of the Legionella bacteria per litres of clean drinking water, they can multiply quickly under the following conditions:

-at a water temperature between 20 and 50 ° c;

-in still water and in a long residence time of the


-in a Biofilm (attack in the potable water)

Legionella bacteria multiply not at temperatures below 20 ° c. At temperatures between 20 and 50 ° c they can quickly increase in number, with an optimum between 30 and 40 ° c. Above 50 ° c dies Legionella. Then the higher the temperature, the faster the bacteria concentration decreases. Legionella

grows in standing water.

Anti Legionella shower head for in your boat

See also 100% in our water sports shop filters that guarantee safety! These are legionella shower heads with a filter that all micro-organisms stop you!