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Navigation lighting for your boat buying

navigation lights can be a tough choice. There are navigation to get battery-powered lamps. But also the navigation lights with LED lamps are increasingly used. Power water sports has a large assortment of lighting at a competitive price.

Sector navigation lights & Around navigation lights

you can subdivide the different types of navigation lights in sector navigation lights and around navigation lights. The sector navigation lights are visible only if you have a certain course compared to the illuminated ship, the navigation lights around you can see from all directions.

to sail at night must have a boat equipped with navigation lights, . Since at night not the navigation rules are different than during the day, it is helpful if you are in need of the lighting can see with what ships you around you're dealing, therefore have different types of boats

different combinations of navigation lights.

Navigation lights for sailing ships:

-Board lights and heklichten

  • A
      sailing ship may board lights and heklichten at or near the top of the mast two around shining lights. The lower green and the top red with a distance of 1 meter.
      Li> a small sailing ship, the Board lights next to each other or in one lantern United to or close to the bow of the ship to the length axis.
    • A sailing vessel less than 7 m can be sufficient with one around seeming white masthead.
    • It is for a small sailing ship also allowed to both Board lights and sternlight in 1 Lantern United to or near the top of the mast.

    Navigation lights for Motor boats:

    -Board lights, sternlight and masthead

    In addition to the may board a motor boat lights, sternlight and masthead a second masthead. This masthead must be at least 9 meters behind and at least 3 meters higher than 1st.

    • An open motor boat shorter than 7 meters and no faster than 13 km per hour can sail, needing only a surrounding white light.